Reveal the potential of the property to prospective buyers

We will review the property and propose a design which could make a more enticing proposition to purchasers.

We can review what alterations and improvements can be made to your property to best meet your needs.

Looking to make alterations and improvements to your home?

ENVISION is a service designed to provide an initial representation of a the potential of a property, for use with a property sale or to simply appraise a renovation project.

Highlight to potential of the property
Concise easy to read design review
Enable prospective buyers to visualise the potential of the property

We firstly gather information and carry out research on the existing property along with any information supplied such as photos. We assess the current provisions of the property and scope for improvement. We determine from our review the best option from a property value and accommodation perspective. This approach will aim to tick the boxes of prospective buyers.

We will require an existing floorplan to be provided as the basis for review, this is usually provided as part of the sales agents marketing pack.

The type of proposals will vary depending on the constraints of the existing property. We will consider proposals which would fall under permitted development and those requireing planning permission.

For some properties the best for of proposals for the property may require planning permissions. Whether permissions are gained as part of the property marketing is at the discretion of the client.

Envision is designed to demonstrate the potential of the property and does not require permissions to be sought as part of this process.

The idea of Envision is to offer our professional opinion of the best form of alteration with consideration to value and property features which can assist a house sale. Once an initial sketch design has been made.

The pack can be reviewed by prospective purchasers to assist in their understanding of the property potential. Seeing the proposals can open a buyers eyes to the realms of possibility create a home of their wanting.

The Property Review Brochure does not dwell on negatively assessing the property but presents additional potential beyond current property form.

We provide a comprehensive property review document which indicates and describes proposed changes to the property, the reasoning and the improvements they give. We give regard to the build-ability ensuring cost effective proposals are made.

The pack enables understanding of the property potential and provides a perfect starting point to take a project forward by potential purchasers.


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The Envision service is designed to be a cost effective accompaniment to the property marketing process.

For most house sales the owner may carry out improvements and repairs to get the property ready to market, this can include sprucing up the garden, fitting new floor coverings, renovating a kitchen or bathroom. Depending on the scope of preparation for sale the costs can mount up.

Our fees are a fraction of these costs. Contact us today for the price of the Envision service at your property.

No Cost Service

Where a a full drawing package is instructed by a purchaser we will refund the initial envision fees to the client upon settlement of the architectural services by the purchaser. Full details can be found in our terms and conditions which are available on request.

If you are interested in looking at the potential of your property, contact us to discuss your requirements.

ENVISION is a service designed to provide an initial representation of a the potential of a property, for use with a property sale or to simply appraise a renovation project.

We are an architectural practice who have extensive experience working within the speculative development market. We provide a broad array of architectural services to meet the needs of private clients to national housing developers.

We Understand Potential

From our experience working within the speculative development market we can present changes to properties which can demonstrate the potential of a property, making a property more enticing to purchasers.

Clear Concise Presentation

As an extension of the existing marketing literature, a clear easy to understand presentation of the property potential is provided.

The Design Reasoning Process

In addition to presenting the design option for most potential, other alternative options are summarised with their benefits for the property.

Realise the Potential

Details of any required permissions and the next steps towards realising the improvements are outlined in the Property Review Brochure.

If you are interested in looking at the potential of your property, contact us to discuss your requirements.


Advice for Property Agents

Envision opens purchasers eyes to the potential in an easy to understand visual manner.

The Envision Design Review Brochure has been created to be utilised by agents and prospective purchasers as part of the property viewing process. It functions as an addition to your existing brochures. We welcome agents input from viewing feedback and can consider agent suggestions in the design review process where provided.

Envision gives the possibility to not only advertise that a property has potential but also demonstrate it.

Envision offers a solution to assist in the sale of properties you are managing.

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